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The latest is cladding technology. Neolith is created using high pressure and high heat to form the most high performing material to-date. With twice the strength of granite and thickness as low as 3mm, Neolith is able to clad all surfaces whilst maintaining a form factor at 3.6 meters by 1.2 meters. Perfect for ultra-realistic countertops, modern wall claddings and impactful large-format floors.


Curated from the quarries worldwide, Stone Empire is home to over 200 types of natural Marbles, Limestones, Sandstones, Travertines, and Granites. A blessing from Mother Nature, natural stone embodies the limitless possibilities of the Earth, from the strong wild Black and Gold veins of Portoro Gold to the deep reds of Rosso Levanto made famous in the churchs of Rome, and the classic horizontal striations of Travertine to the subdued cream marbles of Oman. For the sophisticated client.

A classic finish, Terrazzo is the best way to create an ultra-modern look with the flair and energy of the retro. Created with the latest technology from Italy, AGGLOTECH Terrazo is an architectural material with high performance and durability, with the most natural blends of marble and cement. The high density of italian marble chips (>85%) and a wide range of designs provides a freedom to create a premium look unmatched by others.


Sometimes, a space requires the look and feel of an otherworldly level. Here Stone Empire compiles a range of extravagant material, each piece unique and brimming with character. Best employed in large sizes and for statement pieces.

OKITE , as a pioneering Italian quartz manufacturer is now in Malaysia. Being a highly durable and stain reisistant material, OKITE is perfect for heavy duty countertops that need to look good too.